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Light Weight Vault

UL Listed Modular Tempervault™ Panels

The thinnest vault panels in the industry!


Access’s light-weight vault panels are constructed of technically innovative materials that include high strength, tempered concrete, metal fibers, reinforcing rods and steel pans.  Our panels offer increased flexibility while providing a product that will stand the test of time.  These extremely durable panels eliminate the problem of deterioration and result in the thinnest panels in the industry to pass a UL test.


Thinner panels mean, for the first time, that high security vaults are not restricted to ground floor installations.  It also means that vault footprints can be smaller and installations can be more cost effective due to reduced assembly time.

Flexibility in design

On design configurations, we can be extremely flexible.  Vaults of almost any size can be constructed.  Standard size panels are used whenever possible and panels of alternate sizes produced to provide the exact dimension required to meet the specific measurement of the vault.  The vault door and HVAC port(s) can be placed in virtually any location.  New panels can be used to retrofit older vaults or other existing structures in order to increase the level of protection.

Benefits of the Access Tempervault™ vault panels

  • Thin
    • more usable space due to smaller footprint
    • retrofit existing vaults/structures to upgrade security
    • increases the range of possible vault design
  • Light
    • use on upper-level floors
    • reduced transportation costs to site
  • Durable
    • materials will not deteriorate
    • integrity of vault will be maintained


UL Class Panels
Thickness lbs / sq foot Performance Test
inches mm
Class 1 2 1/4" 57.2 35 withstands a 30 minute forced entry attack performance test
Class 2 3 1/2" 88.9 50 withstands a 60 minute forced entry attack performance test
Light Weight Vault